Glowbox is a worker-owned digital agency based in London, UK, with over ten years experience designing for digital and print. Our mission is to use our expertise in design and technology for social good. As a small friendly agency, we're able to work closely with our clients and build long lasting relationships.

Glowbox is also a proud a member of the Cooperative Technologists (CoTech), a network of cooperative businesses seeking to build a better technology sector in the UK.

What our clients say

"Glowbox does excellent work and they’re great to work with. Everyone has commented on how beautiful and easy our website is to use. Highly recommended.

— Joona-Hermanni Mäkinen, Director of Parecon Finland

"Working with Glowbox was a fantastic experience. The cover design they did for my book really helped make it stand out from the crowd and get lots of attention.

— Anders Sandstrom, Author